Land O Lakes Gators is a member of the Pasco Athletic League (PAL). As a member of PAL, the Land O Lakes Gators make it their duty to influence and impact their local community in accordance to current PAL bylaws. All parents and children are welcome and invited! We at the Land O Lakes Gators feel our job is to not only teach football and cheer, but to raise young men and women to be the next leaders of tomorrow.


We are so excited for our 2021 season!

Pasco Athletic League Field Locations

Dade City Pirates – Burks Park

13220 Gene Nelson Blvd

Dade City

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Beginning in July 2019, we will practice on Monday's, Tuesday's, and Thursday's from 6pm to 8:30pm. Once school begins in Pasco County, practice times change to 6pm-8pm.